Sorry I haven't been active lately. I have tried to update many times but school was always in the way. I am done with all my exams and classes are OVER!!!  

Technically, I have been waking up everyday at 6:00am and going to bed at 10:00pm, which is strange for me, so that is how busy I have been.

School was a killer, but is over now, and I will have the entire summer off (I'll still have to work, but it is not as if I will have to do homework or stuff) It is better said to substitute one pain for another, but I am excited for summer.

Life has been good, or so I want to think.

Hopefully everyone is doing great and are safe from harm.
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I am playing at being host for a week...

I have to apologize for not being able to comment since Saturday.

I have my sister, her husband and the little niece at home this week, so between work (trying to finish my time early on the week) and school and do stuff with them, I have been tied up. I will hopefully have some time tomorrow to comment on some entries so wish me luck.

Other than that, I am delighted for my sister's visit. The little niece is so adorable I want to eat her with kisses and I am having fun with my in-law. They will stay until Sunday night, so pictures will be coming soon. Hope everyone enjoyed last weekend and hope everyone will have a great rest of the week.

Back from vacations, again...

I forgot to tell everyone that I spent the weekend with my family at Georgia, and had the chance to finally meet my little niece. I am still waiting for the pictures so I will post them when I get them from mom (who got to keep all the pictures herself, and I did not bring my camera)

Anyway, I didn't do much, really, just doing my 100 questions take home test, and watch Pride and Prejudice and the Rocketeer.

Everything at work is going great, I really feel appreciated for the work I do and they have let me feel welcomed from the start, except the department director, she still calls me Vince and thinks my writing and presentation skills are not that good, which is what others from other departments have told me I exceed the most. Anyway, during work in the office, the Polynesian students are always practicing for this talent show and is really cool and relaxing to watch them make noise.

I also had to attend an Asian festival and the food was superb and the dancing and singing was excellent, so I am having tons of fun right now.

I also had a terrible headache yesterday and almost missed class today, I was surprised since I have been healthy as of lately. Also, we almost miss our connection and I was pretty upset about that, but we got home in one piece.

I bought the entire Cowboy Bebop collection with my first check and you all know I love it to death, and also bought the new Sarah Brightman CD at Barnes&Nobles, and I am liking it a lot. Also bought the Ghost in the Shell SAC movie and the Robotech movie, which I liked a lot.

Have fun everyone XD

I think life is great nowadays

This last two weeks have been completely crazy to my standards. If you don't know, I am taking 15 credit hours. And among those hours, there is the most horrible class I could have taken this semester.

The thing that is insane, is that I wanted to get out of the full-time tag, and got a job in school!!!!!

And here is where I will be working

Now, the good news. I got officially hired today and will be working 20 hours a week, (since I am international student, only 20 hours, but it will pay $ 9.00 which is not the best, but at least give me tons of extra money) and plus 15 hours and others for studying, I will be packed, and you know what?

I am really excited about it. I will provide assistance to students from different ethnicities, program and coordinate events involving the community and plan stuff. I am also excited at the fact I'll learn a lot more about cultures and other stuff ( I love to learn stuff)

Now, I am not excited about some of those 15 credit hours, but what else can you do?

Also, I feel like posting a James Hetfield picture for no reason.

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And life always goes on...

One comment before starting, I think they should change back the Academy Award ceremony to Monday night, it was more entertaining for me (And no, I did not watch it again)

My car just got back in the shop, I hope is nothing serious, but it was dead after delivering some books from the library. Anyway, watched Macross Plus and will say just one word: Surreal.

I have two memes, well, one asked by two people (I actually requested that one again and got some of the same stuff to respond. Anyway, you can always add new stuff to things you like)

The thing is simple, just say comment, or say something saying you want me to ask you, and I'll pick seven interest of your userinfo in which you'll elaborate why do you like them.

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New Layout and other stuff...

I am almost done with my new layout. I worked almost the entire afternoon on this banner, it was quite pleasant and very complicated to do. It looks better in photoshop than here.

Also, I finished watching GetBackers again yesterday. Even thought the ending for me was good, there were still details that, since the anime always gets ahead where not covered, but who cares about that...

Any recommendations would be great now that I am getting less stuff to watch.

This week in school has been terrible, probably the most boring week of college of my live, and I got a fortune cookie on Tuesday that said I was "going to have a romantic experience that night." Tuesday sucked, it was terrible and disgusting.

I started playing Chrono Cross, since my physics professor mentioned stuff about time travel, Einstein's relativity theory and parallel universes when there are alternate realities and different outcomes. (Poor Serge, I wish he had known that before)

The lesson was... Time Paradox can really happen. (That was an entertaining class)
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This has been a very strange year...

This 2008 has been the most strange year I have ever lived on.

First, everything is fine, but there are so many things that have gone through so far. My dad slipped on Ice and he is feeling better, but this has been really strange to begin with (After perhaps the best Christmas of my life, 2008 started with a bad note) I feel dad is bearing with it, but he is now so limited it hurts to see him somehow like that.

The best thing so far is my sister's baby. She is doing good and I can't wait to finally get to see her. I am planning on Spring break, but if I can go earlier I'll take that chance. My mom flew over to Georgia to be with my sister for a couple of weeks and help her with the baby that on and on switches between behaving and misbehaving. I guess our world would be sad without children to be around us and bring such a positive influence to our lives.

Yesterday my grandmother passed away. A shocking news that has hit us hard. She was 84, and for the past 6 years was confined to her bed all because of a fracture in her tibia bone. She was not doing good since, but was stable and after my other grandmother died early in 2005, she was my last grand- alive. She will be mist, mostly by my dad, who has felt good about it, but has been sad when speaking to his other family members.

As for me, I am sad of course, notwithstanding that she is probably in a better place and in better condition now, but it definitely hurts the same. What I find curious is that I haven't cried (not yesterday, and not in a while) It is not that I don't want to look wimpy, or appear weak, it simply that I don't like it.  It may feel strange, it is just I don't like to cry, it doesn't go with me; I want to live as happy as a life can be, and that is just not like me. I don't know, what do you think.

Well, anyway, life goes on and I went to get a haircut after my classes to day at the cosmetology department (which is very cheap) and I just got hair cuted by the most gorgeous girl today, she just got me and that was an hour of my life well spent. She is a terrific talker, I wish I could be as good as her. Hope life can compensate for the good and for the bad. I just liked that girl first try.

Classes are going alright. I'm starting to like a lot more my physics teacher with his weird but incredible experiments and my test from Tuesday night was a kick walk. Super Tuesday was disappointing and I am in ways of recovering my writing muse. XD

I missed bowling with my friends last week because I had some pain in my back. I have almost slipped so many times I just got an intense pain when I am sitting and not having anything to rest my back into. It is so frustrating.

Finally, I started watching Gundam Seed again, and it reminded me of my sister a lot, which bought me the first and second DVDs. I just love the Gundamverse.

I am also sad that the Year of the Pig (my year) is over but then congrats to everyone born on the Year of the Rat